1 Jan 2012

Madh Village


Friday at noon, for a short while, I was running around the Chembur Cremation Ground/Electric crematorium looking around for Tulsi leaves. I was there for a friend's cremation and the last rites involved placing among other things, tulsi leaves (which an uncle had forgotten to buy from the market) on the lips . We didn't find a Tulsi plant in the relatively green grounds.

But, Madh and Versova fishing villages are among the few places in Mumbai where homes still have a place for the Tulsi or the Holy Basil plant (some now are home to the more Mumbai-appropriate money-plant and wild weeds). For the rest, Tulsi was a character from a soap.

Also, note the travelling salesman selling cloth in the last picture. Life goes on a different pace in these villages. It's closer to the pace of life in the open sea and the rise and ebb of tides.


The Floating Clouds said...

Interesting to see how space determines the use and purpose. In several rural areas, I have found space around the Tulsi left open to do a phera/pradakshina in Marathi. None of the pictures show such place made available- yeh hai Mumbai!

Anika said...

The primary colour blocking is lovely!

Slogan Murugan aka M S Gopal said...

Yes. Indians are the original experts in that but it's something we are forgetting :(

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