8 Jan 2012

Mahim Bay


Work Space Mumbai. Fishermen.

Their backs are turned to the city, most of the time, their lives revolve around their villages that still stand out as the original settlements on this Island. Their lives do not work according to the clock that keeps the clickety-clack of our local trains clicking but the rise and fall of the tides and the direction of the ocean currents. We are the Bhumiputras and fight like dogs over pockets of land. They look at us and laugh because their hearts own the sea that surround our little bickering islands.


The Floating Clouds said...

What about the fisherwomen?

Slogan Murugan aka M S Gopal said...

The men do the fishing as we shown here. The women do the marketing. That will be another post, coming soon.

Dilshad said...

The traditions of the fisher-folk, guarded by the modernistic Sea Link.

Mumbai, thy name is contrast!

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