27 Mar 2012


Chitra Palekar. At home. Extra Shots from "The Picture of Dorian, Gay" by Shonali Ghosal for Tehelka.

  "CHITRA PALEKAR’S 21-year-old daughter Shalmalee, just out of college, came up to her one afternoon, and came out. It was her own ignorance that caught Chitra by surprise rather than her daughter’s homosexuality. “Though we call ourselves liberal and progressive, it made me think. If I don’t understand this world, it’ll create a barrier between me and her.” She took it upon herself to understand homosexuality, through books like Different Daughters and Facing the Mirror that Shalmalee gifted her."

Today, Shalmalee Palekar, 39, is the Professor Of Post-Colonial Studies, University Of Western Australia (Perth).
Read about Chitra Palekar's fight here.
Here are a few images from their home...

Pixie O My Goodness by Shalmalee Palekar.
Mom - Out of order! She's got a library worth raiding :)

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