13 Mar 2012

Ceaser Rd. , Amboli

Work Space Mumbai: Vanity Van
Extra shots from the Emraan Hashmi story in Tehelka by Sunaina Kumar

To know the real Emraan Hashmi is, you must read the article. However, there were so many things he told Sunaina about his life and the film industry, she would have needed the whole magazine to tell his story or a nice little book. The rate at which she's interviewing people in Bollywood, she will have enough material to write a book on Bollywood some day! And very different from the Bollywood in Bombay Times and Midday.

At Filmalaya, Emraan was acting in a movie called Raaz 3. It's a 3d film and each scene takes a lot more time to set up than a usual Emraan thriller. So he spends a lot of time in his van watching VH1.

He hates being called a Serial Kisser but when you find these in his vanity van (a common sight in all vanity vans) it has a completely different meaning. No, it was not a kissing scene he was shooting.

Emraan on the secret of his success: He is totally clueless. He also think that no one knows what actually works in India for a star. What works could change overnight. So he goes by scripts he likes to do. It could work or it won't.

Sounds simple, but is it as simple as that in Bollywood?

Among Indian films he only watches the movies he acts in. He watches them at Galaxy-Geity in Bandra to get the feel of what people like.

Emraan goes to work, delivers and goes back home. If you disn't know him, you could mistake him for any of us who goes to work to one of those glass cages waiting for the boss to say ACTION . That's what actually happens, all of Emraan's action seems to be on screen.

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Curry Spice said...

interesting. Not a big fan. But nice to read about him

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