2 Mar 2012

Chor Bazaar

Cobra Beer/Guardian Mumbai City Guide Extra Shots - Part 1
Meet BLOT (Basic Love Of Things) in Mumbai.

Gaurav and Avinash of BLOT -New Delhi make music out of Indian street sounds (No. They are not deaf, not yet). They were in Mumbai recently to have some fun with the sounds we collectively make. Maximum Decibels of the maximum city.

They recorded sounds from the streets, trains and little kopchas, got a classical singer named Anuraag Kashyap (not the film-maker), clicked images and made this Mumbai Music video for a documentary.

This was part of a series of ads and documentaries made by Somesuch & Co. films and BMB London for Cobra Beer. They shot a TV commercial and these documentaries as a window on current Indian fashion, food, and music for The Guardian.

How did I land up there? That was thanks to strange coincidences and this blog.

The second video is the story of how the boys from BLOT work. It was created by George Belfield of Somesuch Films, London and shot by Simon Pinfield.

That's our men - Simon and George


Sreetama said...

stumbled onto your blog during my nightly inspiration surfing for my art.

What an amazing blog! total LOVE.

Marijke said...

Those guys have to watch out.
More ppl get deaf trough such things
more and more young ppl here cos they jump every night on high decibels in parties.
TC and awesome pics as always

Slogan Murugan aka M S Gopal said...

:)Thank you.

And will remember that Marikje aunty :)

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