5 Mar 2012

Dadar Flower Market + King's Circle.

Who is this Manou?
Cobra Beer/Guardian Mumbai City Guide Extra Shots - Part 3

Manou has a fashion blog called wearbout. On his blog, he meets, clicks and writes about interesting people. regular folks and people who keep experimenting with clothes or wear interesting clothes. Most of us don't click pictures or write about them. Not because we don't notice things but mainly because we do not go out to places Manou goes. So if you want to do what he does, here's a rough guide on how he goes about his sartorial trip.

Following Manou, I started noticing little things in people around me. Little things we do to mostly express our individuality while trying to be part of the social group or community we belong to. Also, how much evolution or lives the everyday clothes we wear goes through. Just spend a few seconds analysing each person in the above image. isn't what we wear everyday beautiful? Every piece of cloth we wear seems to have a history. And look at these colours...

Just kidding. But all we have to do is look. With style tinted glasses. Or whatever interests you. And we can pick out the beauty in the details like a seasoned fashion blogger. Here, as we wait for seat in a South Indian restaurant at King's Circle, Manou spots a flowerwalla going on his early rounds and immediately starts clicking.

Instant friendship too.

You meet the friendliest people on Indian streets. Like this man in black, a taxi driver and ayyappa bhakt chatting with the model manou was shooting with. (More about what she is wearing and the people who made it in tomorrow's post).

What we wear comes from everywhere.

Let's see what we will discover when we wear style tinted glasses like Manou.

Watch the short film on Manou here:


Krunal said...

truly stunning shots, i especially like the first one....brilliant

Slogan Murugan aka M S Gopal said...

Thank you.

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