28 Mar 2012

Mahakali Caves Road

Work Space Mumbai: Itoop's Spiritual Experiment. 

Deep inside and close to highest point of that urban madness called Andheri is a place called Gyan Ashram. It is supposed to be the first Indian style Catholic 'Ashram' founded in 1948.

Deep inside this ashram is where a catholic counselor named Itoop quietly works. His work space is called Dhyaan Kutir and it is open for all. But this space inside a Xian ashram is an unofficial No-God or No-Religion ground. He calls it a place for different spiritual thoughts to meet. It is an Inter-Spiritual Dialogue Spot.

Itoop's Desk.

So how do different spiritual thoughts interact? From what I gathered, once you come here to meet other people, the first thing you do is get physically fit through yoga, build patience through meditation and self-reflection. I guess, dialogue between different spiritual thoughts happens through a big dose of silence.


There's a beautiful photograph by Santosh Verma, who is a visitor here too.
  The Chinese Ox story gets an Indian Common Man twist too.
  The bookshelf in his office.
  Photographs from his travels.
  No Oms or Crosses here, but the Buddha is here.

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