6 Apr 2012

Kurla (E)

Asish Sawarkar. A Mumbai Body-Building Celebrity.

You could call Asish a celebrity in the little universe of body builders in Mumbai. He has won many titles and if I heard right, he was one of the runners-up at the Mr Universe contest when it was held in Mumbai last year.

However, I would not have noticed the event when it was held here because there is only one sportsman in this city for most of us - Sachin! Sachin! The rest are all humans.

Asosh is a full time body builder and will be showing off his body at Mumbai Shree. When he steps into the gym, I could feel a sudden hush and whispers, not unlike when a star cricketer walks into a dressing room of a school team. He will be there with the other top international bodybuilders from our city to motivate the youngsters and show them that this sport can provide them with a great future. He's proof that hard work pays.



Abhijit said...

He is Ashish Sakharkar. Not Anish.

Gopal M S said...

Thank you. I will correct it. I was speaking to an Anish just before I wrote this!

Abhijit Deshmukh said...

Your work is really wonderful.
Actually I was with you when you clicked the photographs.
It was a pleasure meeting you.

When are you going to post pics of Manish Advilkar.

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