16 Apr 2012

Mithi River

A Photo Essay for Mumbai Boss Part 3: A walk along the River Mithi.

Many complain that all cities in India, are beginning to look the same. The same glass malls, fast food chains, unlimited thali meals, coffee shops, etc. But long before this began happening, away from the main roads, it was the poorer parts of the cities that were similar. The ghettos into which the low profit, labour intensive, free enterprise in India functioned. Like this electrical recycling business on the banks of the Mithi River. The smell, the faces, the religion, the caste, almost everything about this place in Mumbai could have been be in any city in the Deccan. Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Nagpur, or even the smaller industrious towns like Davangere, Malegaon, or Shahada.

These photographs could have been from near a drain, in any of our cities.

See the full photo essay here on Mumbai Boss.

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