17 Apr 2012

Mithi River

Car Graveyard
 A Photo Essay for Mumbai Boss Part 4: A walk along the River Mithi.

Most of my friends no longer travel by train. Like many of us, they started off travelling by second class during the student and struggling days, then moved up to First Class as they got their first modest raise and now drive to work. A good car costs only a small fraction of the pigeon holes we live in. True, the car shift for most Mumbaikars came a little later than the rest of India. But it's now here to stay.

This car shift also means that we also have a very large car junk yard in the heart of the city. And like all things we discard and is picked up by the recycling industry, it reaches the banks of the Mithi, between Kurla and BKC.

These images are from this stretch of the Mithi river.

And I especially love the way this Nano was parked in CBD - Belapur in Navi Mumbai.

See the full Car Culture In Mumbai Series here.

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