12 Apr 2012

Mithi River

A photo Essay for Mumbai Boss: A walk along the River Mithi.

It's not the best place to go for walks but this is where our collective filth is collected and flushed into the Arabian Sea. But you are never really alone if you do decide to go for a walk. This photographer who has a studio in Kurla comes here often with his customers to take pictures with the glass buildings of BKC in the background.

A day before I went to Kurla junkyard, I was told that Mukesh Amabani's children were here with friends on a tour to see the river and the underbelly of the city. If you ever wondered where the smell of Mumbai comes from, it's from here and it belongs to us.

See the full photo essay here on Mumbai Boss.


Anuradha Khanna Pentapalli said...

Hi, I just read about your efforts on the Mithi river and life around it featured in Mumbai Mirror... Wow... Congratulations! There's no doubt that your photos are so amazing and meaningful, but you have been documenting it for two years... that's a strong example of your hard work and passion! You have inspired me to put the same kind of energy in my upcoming awareness blog.
Will follow your blog more regularly to draw inspiration.

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