4 Apr 2012

Prabha Devi + Kurla East

Mumbai Shree 2012 Part 3: Mumbai Shreematis.

A good or maybe even large proportion of the people who train in the gyms where Mumbai Shree 2012 aspirants train are housewives from the area. All that laundry in the background do not help you to lose weight! Some of the gyms even have their specific time for them.

For bodybuilders, building and maintaining body is a full time job and becoming trainers is a good job option. However, they train other bodybuilders and Bollywood stars and not the women. But they do share the same space, the body builders and the women. One of the gyms in Kurla East where I went was filled with bodybuilders during the day and women in the evening.

In Prabha Devi, the gym was a place to catch up with the very "healthy" man Indian women are in love with - Ram Kapoor. I was there on the day he finally got into bed with his wife.

"You natkhat running machine"

Kurla East Gym.

In Kurla East, a rougher neighbourhood than Prabha Devi, soaps were not allowed in the gyms and the trainer, an older man, was a task master. And the women, hardworking. So no Ram Kapoor's smile and nakhras for them, they watch the bodies of old Mr Universes.

Details of the event, here in Time Out, Mumbai


Dr Mandeep Khanuja said...

i know how difficult it is to bring out stories in the most ordinary of the places ! and it is by sheer talent that not only u have fabulous pictures of an ordinary looking gym but also story to match it up ! keep up the good work :)

Gopal M S said...

Thank you.

ranjan said...

A very well-written post. I read and liked the post and have also bookmarked you. All the best for future endeavors
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