24 Apr 2012

Shivaji Park

Parallel Park: Adarsh Football Club - Shivaji Park 

Last weekend, in Mint Lounge. Supriya Nair wrote about football in Mumbai’s historic Shivaji Park, the crucible of the city’s cricket. Here are some images from the story.

Members of the Adarsh Football club.

Supriya writes:

The Adarsh Football Club run by Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) workers, has 70 players, and three teams in the Mumbai District Football Association (MDFA) league.

 “It’s difficult to describe how much the number of football players on this park has grown,” says Harish Vaghela, coach, Adarsh Football Club, whose “ground”—an invisibly demarcated line that separates one game from another on the field—lies on a sandy stretch near the eastern entrance. “It’s a good thing. We’ve gone on and on about cricket for a while, anyway. Time for it to take a back seat.”

A cleaner/waiter from a Kokani restaurant close by comes to play here in between his break shift with the members of the Adarsh Football Club - the original footballers of Shivaji Park,

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