23 May 2012


A typical General Compartment Queue.

For most trains, especially the ones going to the Cow Belt, East or South, there's a queue that forms many hours before the trains actually leave Mumbai. There are RPF cops, ropes to control the line and when the train arrives and the doors of the general compartment are opened, lathis (batons) fly, tempers rise and compartments can get as crowded as the Virar Fast during the peak hour. Once you have found a seat or a luggage rack where you can perch, you stay there. You can also imagine what you need to do if you need to take a pee!

This was for a train that was going to Vishakapatnam on the East Coast on the No. 3 Platform of the Lokmanya Tilak Terminus.

Luckily if there is one thing Mumbaikars can create with unparalleled understanding, it's a queue.



Sneha Prasad said...

Like what you did with the pictures!! =D
Did you use panorama?

Gopal M S said...

I was in a train that was leaving the station. So I clicked the images and stitched them together.

Lucid Illusions said...

Faster shutter speed and higher ISO perhaps?

Gopal M S said...

Yes. Should've done what you've suggested. next time!

Anuradha Shankar said...

Fantastic!!!! when i saw the title, i thought you would have captured the chaos of the station... but you have managed to beautifully capture the queues, which i have never really noticed amidst all that chaos!good work!

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