27 Jun 2012

Chuim Village

Work Space Mumbai: NorBlack NorWhite's Studio

This is the work space of two girls of Indian origin from Canada who now live and work in Mumbai. Their roots go back to Punjab, Gujarat and Hyderabad. Today they are not just discovering those places their parents came from but the whole Indian subcontinent. And the best thing about their discovery is that they make into beautiful wearable fashion. 

Much has been written about them and you can see their work on their website. I ll show you some images from their workspace. 

Fabrics and sartorial magic from all over India can be found here. You could call it a museum of the Orhan Pamuk kind dedicated to lovely little things from across India.

Actually, they don't have to travel the subcontinent in search of roots and threads, inspiration can be found at their doorstep in the Bandra area village called Chuim.

  The way to their work space.

How can you represent Bharatmata without her millions deities including the patron Saint of the NorBlack NorWhite dyo - The Nor Black Not White Michael Jackson.


Roots. Blood. Roots.

  An art piece created using photos from the family album! With images like these in the family album, I'm not surprised that they have left Canada behind for India.

Here's a look at some of the books that I found lying around their workspace. Desktop travel into different parts of the Indian mind. This is their Man-Friday. Anyone who has done business in Mumbai will understand how difficult it is to get people with skills here you can trust.

And finally, I was here because of these guys from BMB London who were doing a story about these girls as part of a series on the new India.


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