20 Jun 2012

Grant Road

Baptismal Font and Vernacular Fonts. 

This is not a bath tub, but the largest Baptismal Font in Mumbai designed to accommodate adults too. It's at an old church near Grant Road and built during the days of the British rule in India.


There are quite a few interesting books in the church and the titles use interesting words. Eg: Upasana, Shaastra, Dharma Paanth. Also, interesting to note that Rev. Joshi kept his surname even after he became David Lucas.

 Local Fonts. 

Trivia: You will notice that the words Marathi and Guzerati (Gujarati) are used. It was the missionaries in India who played a very important role in the evolution of languages that people spoke in their daily lives, and in developing printing technology that helped to make their use popular among the people. 

Some years back, I met a journalist from Chattisgarh who told me that the Maoists print their communication using local dialects in that state while the government uses Hindi.

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