15 Jun 2012

Belassis Road

The Ship Treasure Hunter.
Extra shots from a story in Home Review

If a modern day Captain Archibald Haddock was to retire and build his Marlinspike Hall in a place like Alibaug, his first port of call on land would be Hesperus. He will have the current captain in charge at Hesperus, Abbas, on speed dial and will call him frequently to find which interesting ships are now in Mumbai, Alang, and other ship-breaking yards on the subcontinent. After all, retired from a life at sea, he will be at home only if his home is surrounded by the quality of the little things that a captain is used to in his cabin.

The quality, look and feel of the needful things in a ship are more than sea worthy. They are ready for decades of service on terra firma.

Hesperus. Shop No. 103, Mutton Street,Parekh Building +91 22 23461849 / 9820657817 saifee@hesperus-nauticalantiques.com


satish said...

Awesome as always.

Kavita said...

Awesome !

Gopal M S said...

Thank you!

CS said...

Super stuff!

Debu Barve said...

It's Abbas's shop! I've been to this ship for lamps.:)
Nice snaps Slogan, loved them all!

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