25 Jun 2012

NH 8 (Near Virar)

डिजाईन देवी प्रसन्ना

Our Mumbai trucks are not as colourful as the ones in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Sindh, Rajasthan or the timber lorries of Kerala. But they have their own unique and colourful design elements. Our local lorries have wooden bodies built on mostly TATA cowls. They are used to transport sand + rocks and in some places fish.

However, one design is common to all these lorries. They all have the Wave or Surf's Up design of their sides. This design sets the lorries of the Upper Konkan and Mumbai region apart from lorries across India.

Another "modern"  representation of the wave.

The images of dolphins leaping is a very common one along India's coast. These two images are from autorikshaws in Cochin which is also a city surrounded by water like Mumbai and life closely connected to the sea like Mumbai.


Curry Spice said...

Love the sea elements. Does set these trucks apart

pRiyA said...

Lovely! I remember your photos of Benglur buses :)

Gopal M S said...

:) Must do one of the buses here. :)

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