7 Jun 2012

Turner Road, Bandra + Kanchan Galli (Pune)


I have seen these posters with a number to send your "Missed Call" in the rich parts of the city. The first one is from Turner Road and the second is from a posh locality in Pune. Dear poster sticker, people in other localities eat too.

I'm not an expert on GM food and the whole debate is confusing. But I'm all for GM and mutations, I'm sure I've some some genetically mutated genes that I acquired after being exposed to a Ram Gopal Varma movie. I'm glad the worms that will chew me up some day will eat unsafe food and suffer for it.

For now, I refuse to eat those mutant orange and red coloured carrots that were designed many many years back to please some ruler of some small European kingdom. No veggies for me, I want some meat seasoned with mercury and other potent inorganic chemicals, and not freshly steamed and tadka-ed gonads and seeds of poor plants which they say are also mutant. Say no green peas, say some more to breast size enhancing chicken. I would like some fish too, just a few left in our oceans and I want to be the one to finish the last one alive.

Truth be told... we are all like this tramp here, we eat anything.


And look what I stumbled upon!

Here are some images from a farm on the Sinnar-Ghoti Bypass road in Nashik district. These are your regular veggies, not GM.

I was surprised by the number of packaged amino acids, minerals and natural chemicals that come in packets that help to grow and protect the tomatoes we get in the market. In fact, you do not get the tomatoes from this farm in our markets, they are exported. But this is apparently how tomatoes are grown. I will go eat some chicken and pigs grown in badly ventilated, anti-biotics pumped enclosed places, I think.

These were the packets that were thrown around. Most of them were locally made in Nasik District.

According to this doomsday prophet, this is a lovely punishment for all our collective sins. So listen to this lovely song, Punishment by Biohazard. Supposed to be the most played song of Headbanger's Ball.


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Sreetama Ray said...

You are always outdoing yourself!
Btw, i would really love it if you looked at my photos :D

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