2 Jul 2012

Magan Naturam Marg

Airplane Spotting.

Many years back I used to have a colleague who was a die-hard aircraft spotter. He grew up in Vile Parle and grew up listening to the drones and roars of the planes to faraway places taking off from Santa Cruz airport. Wherever he went, he used to spend hours looking at aircrafts and could identify the sounds of different engines and the markings of every airline.

On the other end of the same runway he grew up is the Jari Mari neighbourhood near Saki Naka where you can see planes from all over the world land. Throughout the day, you will find a lot of children and adults watching the planes come into Mumbai.

If you are one of them, you are probably a member of this group:
  The Facebook Group of Indian Plane Spotters.

Meanwhile, on the ground, I spotted the Maharaja himself. Like Porus, people prefer  to be treated like a king even after all the efforts taken to kill him to make way for airlines owned by all kinds of money launderers and the ministers they have handpicked for the job.

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