11 Jul 2012

Vashi Station


Navi Mumbai has more open spaces and playgrounds than Mumbai. But the local mall also has a cricket pitch with nets on three sides where you pay a crazy amount to swing the bat.

A few days back, late in the night, I overheard a conversation in the BEST bus I was taking to Vashi. A man who got in from TISS (Telecom Factory stop be precise. It's run by BSNL in MTNL territory) was chatting with a typical Mumbai middle-class Mumbaiya, that typical tired looking creature   returning from work.

The man from TISS cleverly extracted a lot of information about the hours people spend at work, the time the man spends with his young child, the kind of games the child plays, the language he learns, the people they interact with. After listening to all that and some problems mainly caused by the hours the man spends at work, he went on to gibe him tips on how he could manage his time. He also told him about his work which was mainly about how living in the city, work, commute and related things affect families and children.

I don't think the TISS man was married or had children. If he did, he should also be heading home earlier than when he did on that day. Or maybe he takes the child to the mall on weekends where he will pay for a few minutes and throw a couple of bad deliveries.

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