8 Aug 2012

Henry Road

If Mumbai had winters.

Instead of sweat you will smell naphthalene balls in trains.

We will continue to stick close to each other in trains.

Tired, sleepless women will not cut vegetables in trains,
they will knit.

Our bars will be warmer, restaurants will be warmer than it is outside.

The girl in the opposite balcony will keep her window closed. So will the boy.

Our asthma would be terrible.

We will need larger cupboards for our woolens.

We will drink beer at work post noon on Fridays.

We will miss the flamingos.

We will have a real reason to celebrate Holi.

Shivratri will not be the official end of the fictional winter.

Lovers at the bandstand will stick even more closer, if that is possible.

Scenes and songs shot in Chota Kashmir will look a little authentic.

Adrak Chai would taste even more awesome.

Paani Puri in chowpatti could be laced with vodka.

We'd have more Tibetan stalls selling cheap woolen stores all over the city.

We will not complain of how cold it is in Aarey Colony
when you pass by at night.

Homeless people will have one more thing to worry about.


Nimmy said...

Reminder of a foggy winter morning when you can almost smell the dew on the grass looking out from your window.

Slogan Murugan said...


Anonymous said...

What a thought... Has the foggey season already started?

Mareta Kusumaningrum said...

It's so melancholic misty, i can see the grey feel around :)

Marijke said...

and then your happy again when winter ends and you feel the sunbeams on ur skin again.Oh my my i am born in the wrong place.

Slogan Murugan said...

Not yet :)

Mukul said...

Thanks so much for this.


Thats SO cute! :D

But I don't agree with the Holi thing. None would want get wet in winter!

sunil deepak said...

and then mumbai would have every thing .. i mean it has everything else already (a disgruntled delhi lover!)

Slogan Murugan said...

Not starting a delhi Vs Mumbai here. But have you noticed, the AC in BEST buses and other places in Mumbai are usually set at Freezing point

Gabriela Dziki said...

Insane photographs! I lived in Mumbai for 6 years recently and I really like your thoughts. I myself have written a few posts about Mumbai, check them out if you have time :)



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