27 Sep 2012


Work Space Mumbai: A Life Coach. 

You meet people with the strangest occupations in Mumbai. Last monsoon, I had shot some images of a person who make a living as a Life Coach and trains people to become a life coach. I thought that our god men and women have been doing a good job at that for a long time now. Probably, there are now places or people who want it without a dose of godliness. However, the message for the hungry and foolish from the life coaches in western clothes and hand spun seems to be the same. Each generation needs to be told things in the dialect of the times and place.

I recently came across the books of Malti Bhojwani, the life coach and remembered that I had some photos of her that were not published.

Personally, I feel there is no hope for most of us Mumbaikars. The only option left for us is the one we have chosen and we are good at. Multiply, multiply and supersize whatever we have at the greedy pace and die a lonely death in this city with the worst, overpriced hospitals in the country.  Meanwhile, we can try various things to make us feel like we are doing something constructive with our lives like dropping a few coins in the lap of the hand less beggars at the traffic signals or fill some hundi somewhere.


debanish achom said...

powerful. this observation is true of almost every city.

Slogan Murugan said...

And life at every stage of our history in relation to the old.

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