14 Sep 2012

Matunga Market

Shopping and eating with Rujuta Diwekar. 

About a couple of years back, I had shot some images for a story on dietitian Rujuta Diwekar. At that time, size zero was a buzzword and there was a new best seller in the market which was authored by her. The story never appeared in the magazine but one of the perks of hanging a camera around your neck is that you get to meet interesting people. 

My job was to follow Rujuta on her weekly shopping trip to her favourite market to shop for vegetables. Her shopping trip also included breakfast at her favourite restaurant in the area. The interesting part was the crash course I got in living healthy without having to do much exercise and eat all that I like to eat. 

Luckily, the work I was doing at that point of time allowed me to follow her advice. There are a lot of little things I learnt and you can find them in her book. 

I have met several people who have read her book since then and I think I will also write a book on losing weight and lifestyle. But it would not be easy writing a book like Rujuta has done. I found it pretty interesting and fun to read.  

However, the books are like the holy books. People love to buy it on impulse but very few are going to follow anything that's written in it. And that's a good business plan. 

Being a dietitian seems like a very difficult job. It's one of the most difficult things to make people change their eating habits. 

You can find almost her most important advice here on her website. 

I was also wondering if there's a market for a godwoman idea based on healthy lifestyle. Baba Ramdev did a good job in making a television friendly cult with yoga. If there's anyone you know of, please do let me know.

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