7 Sep 2012

Mirza Ghalib Street

Old Bombay Type on Mirza Ghalib Street.

Mirza Ghalib has a street named after him in Mumbai. In ‘The Last Mughal’ by William Dalrymple, there are many-little interesting stories about Ghalib's life during the last days of the Mughal Empire in Delhi. It's also a must read if all you know about that year is from what was said in our pathetic history textbooks in school.

Here's a review of the book in The Indian Muslim blog.

Once you have read that, you can dig deeper by reading the 'Besieged: Voiced from Delhi' by Mahmood Farooqui. The book contains translations of letters, orders, and all the interesting things related to the siege of Delhi in 1857.


neil said...

isn't this claire road, byculla?

Slogan Murugan said...

This is the official name of Claire Road

ABTC said...

nice blog

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