1 Sep 2012


Nina Lath Gupta. Managing Director. NFDC

On Assignment
For Tehelka. NFDC, A Sleeping Giant Awakes.

It's national.
It's about films.
It does development work.
And it's a corporation.

After liberalisation of the Indian economy, it took NFDC over a decade to realise its role in the cinemas of India. Then, it took almost another decade to make a place for itself in the noisy world of Indian cinema, where even now, after over a century of existence, it looks like it is a place where a lot of new things are only about to start happening. In different parts of the country. In different languages and dialects. In the minds and dreams of a new generation waiting to make their stories into movies for the next generation of viewers around the world.

Read the full story by Sunaina Kumar here.

Visit the Labs and Workshop section at the NFDC site and see how you can take part in the development of cinemas in India.


Cinemas of India is the brand under which NFDC sells its movies. They are sold online and is one of the most important revenue source. NFDC has to fund its own operations and development work unlike similar development bodies in other countries.

The store room and one of the preview theaters.

The NFDC office in Mumbai.

And the people who are trying to make the development happen - The NFDC team members.

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