10 Sep 2012

Sassoon Dock

On Assignment:
For Mint - Octopus shopping in Sassoon Dock.

Gayatri Jayraman had a yummy story on Octopus last weekend in Mint Lounge (including recipes you can try at home). You can read it here.

If I meet my school teachers, I will now be able to tell them what exactly a fish market sounds like. It's total madness. 120 decibel strong.

And if you plan to go there, I recommend a BEST double decker bus from CST. Pics:


The knife said...

I stayed with a family at harbour heights during my second trip to mumbai. There was a funny smell and I asked my hosts whether it was coming from their dog. They told me about sasoon docks which was next door :)great shot Gopal

Slogan Murugan said...

Thank you. :)

You can't escape the smell. Imagine being pushed around there!

MJ said...

Bon Joyvi is looks like a Rock Star :)
Beautiful pic.

MJ said...

Bon Jovyi looks like a Rock Star :)
Beautiful pic.
(typos fixed)

Marijke said...

Fresh fish doesnot smell..So i would love to test my hearing in the fish market Nice pic btw

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