15 Sep 2012

Shivaji Chowk

The BEST diet for steel bottoms.

Recently, CMs Modi and Mamta had something to say about nutrition. I thought that I will also add a few sounds to the general nonsense that followed their statements.

I'm not sure if their dieting, slim subjects have heard about the BEST diet. It gives the round cornered Indian men and women, steel bottoms as shown in the photo above. The idiots who pinch bottoms in buses will have that marvel of millions of years of evolution which they misuse, their opposable thumbs, broken.

The CMs should also make the below product part of the mid-day meal scheme in schools and colleges so that mothers do not have to force their girls to eat the only affordable tasteless vegetables in the market. Guaranteed Enduring Mass Appeal that they can celebrate for 10 years.

Vajan Vadva. Swasta Raha. Mast Disa.


bhavini said...

Howlarious! I'd like to share this on my blog. Would it be alright?

Slogan Murugan said...


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