5 Oct 2012

Samant Chowk

Mumbai Watches Vs Bombay Clocks.

Bombaywallas were mostly always on time when they did not have wrist watches and took the trains and buses that ran like clockwork up and down the city. The city also had a lot of clocks for people to check when they were whizzing past and familiar sirens of factories for those who didn't have a view of them.

You can see the beautiful public clocks wonderfully chronicled here by Mumbai storyteller Chirodeep Choudhury in his photoessay - Bombay Clocks. 

Surprisingly, right now, there is a clock that has come up on a hoarding  (shown above) in the area where people rarely keep to time. At Bandra's Samant  Chowk.Yes, that's the official name of the Petrol Pump Junction where Linking and SV splits. Up Linking Road, there is a digital clock on the left side of the road after National College.

We all have precision clocks on our mobiles, watches and laptops. But thanks to our new commuting culture, we do not keep time. Bombay Clocks Vs Mumbai Cocks.
Here's a clock from good old Reay Road station on Harbour line.

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Anuradha Shankar said...

Nice post!! and thanks for the link to the series on Bombay clocks. I have seen some of the photos, and have some postcards of them, but had no idea they were part of a complete series.

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