29 Oct 2012

Veera Desai Road

McDonaldisation of Mumbai?

Less than 5-6 years ago it was a task for a chain like McDonald's to make millions of us enter McDonald's and taste what's on offer.  The food was alien to most people. The leap from asking for Rs 2.50 Vadapav in those days to a Burger was crossing a big divide culturally. And McDonald's, despite its best location, couldn't get the man on the street to walk in very easily.

I still remember a cousin of mine who had come from Hyderabad. I met him outside Andheri Station and when we wanted to sit down and chat, he preferred to go to the local restaurant opposite the McDonald's because he was more comfortable there. Today, that restaurant we went to has a huge McDonald's sign on it.

Cut to 2012.

These pictures are of the boys who were celebrating Eid at the Mcdonald's in Andheri.

Check out the prices of the different things on offer on the wall of the restaurant.

The price of you basic plate of idli or dosa has more than tripled in Mumbai over the last few years. The cost of real estate that gets added to the basic meals at any Udipi and regular restaurants has made reduced the difference in cost with a fast food chain like McDonald's who cleverly use real estate and location to the their benefit  That coupled with some clever Indianisation of the menu at McDonald's and their types, the days are not so bright for the desi eateries that cater to the general masses.

It's also surprising that there had been no new clever improvisations that have succeeded in creating an Indian fast food chain like what the Udipis (and Darshinis in Bangalore) that have evolved except for the Jumbo Vadapav and Goli.

Any ideas, what you could do big chefs and businessmen? 

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