26 Dec 2012

Din Quarry Road

Mumbai Estyle Xmas.

This is how Xmas is celebrated by kids in Mumbai. This is how all festivals are celebrated by kids in Mumbai. Find a nice fun thing they can do together and have some fun. The drum beats and music are the same. A festival is a festival I guess.

The adults and the Pope can go on and on about the finer details of their version of non existent things and keep their jobs intact. But this is how kids see festivals. In a few weeks it will be some Eid or Uttarayan. Connecting with each other and finding togetherness is the religion of humans and it's safe in the hands of these children.

Meanwhile, the Old Man 2012 is already on his temporary throne. He will burn in the early hours of 2013. Someone had placed some old beer bottles on his wretched self but the kids removed them for me. Their 2012 was not a drunk, but he did smoke a Bidi.


Tushar said...

Very nice. Thanks for sharing.

Slogan Murugan said...

Thank you. Tushar

Pratishtha Khan said...

Hahaha... I saw teh Old Man for the first time in Goa, and was sooo amused by IT.

I love how as children we could turn the concept of anything and everything on its head, grown ups be damned.

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