11 Dec 2012

Sion Koliwada

On Assignment: And justice for all. Extra Shots
Mhapkar's lawyer Shakil's story. 

Shakil is a lawyer and publishes a weekly newspaper called Janata Ka Aina. He runs an NGO that educates children in the Antop Hill slums,, among other things.

"All around the Janata ka Aaina office, the community is changing. The drills and cranes reconstructing the lane leading up to it send up clouds of dust through the day. The sprawl of one-room tenements that edges up to the building are in various states of demolition. Ahmed cautions us when we invite him outdoors for a photograph; the builders working on the project will probably want to know all about the story. A group of young men from the tenements, clad in tight jeans, sporting red tilaks, are interested in him. “Who is he? You’re writing about him because he reads this newspaper? What do you mean, he publishes it?”"

In last weekend's Mint Lounge, Supriya Nair listens to two people who look back at the 20 years after the worst riots Mumbai has seen.

Read the full  Live Mint  story 'And justice for all' here. 

One of the boys who asked us what we were doing. He was ready to pose for a shot. Sweey chap, he's what you would call a aam mumbaiya ghetto boy.

This building is a hutment rehabilitation building. Unlike regular societies, they do not have a security at the gate to see who comes in. That is probably why one of the homes here had a video camera at the door / doorbell.

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