9 Jan 2013


Work Space Mumbai: Railway employees 

The railman who showed us around VT, he was as excited as a kid on his first visit to a railway station, looked at me and the reporter I was with and figured out that we were working for some newspaper or magazine. So the first thing he told us was to shoot the heritage part of the building and not the other things that are still under repair.

Please showcase the beauty and heritage were the words he used. He knew that we were the type who would probably poke our cameras into things that the railways would not want us to see like the places in the building that are still under repair.

But you just can't help but look at the people who are working at CST and the railways. It's one of the most beautiful work place in Mumbai and these are the lucky people who work here!

Work Space for paper work

A gun with a bayonet. When was a bayonet last used in an actual battle?

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