31 Jan 2013


According to the men who rule us, a newspaper is not for reading, it's to wrap roasted peanuts.

India is ranked 140 in the world when it comes to press freedom. That's because the men who run this country have set the same rules for the media that reads very much like the unwritten rules they set for our girls. 

The unwritten Bangle Code applicable for women and press in India 

- Cover up. Don't reveal anything
- Do not step out in the dark or unknown places
- Don't laugh or talk loudly in public
- Be careful about what you speak 
- We will protect you 
- Do not use internet and cellphone to stay connected with the world. It will corrupt you 
- Don't bite the hands that feed you. They are doing it for your long term good. (Be happy with the ads the Companies, DAVP and State Info department dole out)
- You don't take charge, you take care of us 
- You are our honour and our shame
- We worship you like a goddess (and offer you a cabinet post or Padma awards once in a while)
- It's their fault, the modern media
- Practice constant vigilance
- Always stay in a group (or we will...)
- You are our property
- Shubh Shubh bol 

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