8 Feb 2013

Eastern Freeway

Eastern Freeway. 

The design on a Eastern Freeway ramp proclaims whom the long flyover and tunnels are actually built for. It is not for our cars.

Octroi will soon be gone.

Trucks will zoom and flyover the smoke pipes of the eastern seafront and will be spat out of the island in no time or can come in and throw their loads into waiting ships.

But this should be only just a beginning. We need to make Mumbai business friendly again in all other ways too. I hope it is not too late. Pockets of other parts of India have already gone ahead of us in embracing the future while we have been relying purely on the brains of the people who do business with speed breakers in every aspect of local governance.

1 comment:

Frog Fairy said...

You should have been a 'Jasoos' actually. Sigh. We lost another bright mind to advertisement!

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