20 Feb 2013

Kalaghoda + Vashi Sector 10

Crazy Maps. 

In Mumbai, you don't need maps because you can stop and ask anyone for directions and you are likely to find your way. That's unlike Pune and Bangalore, the sister cities of rudeness, where they say "saral" or "straight/seeeedha" and what they actually mean is Get lost bewakoofas. It's best to use google maps on your mobile in those cities.

Back here in Mumbai, boards with maps are a rarity in localities but once in a while you do come across interesting maps like the these two here.

The frog in the well map was outside the Satya Sai Baba temple in Vashi.

The windows map was at the Kalaghoda Festival and this was the explanation for the map installation. A perfect example of Akademi-c Indian English:


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pooja mahimkar said...

there is a reason why i am i love with Mumbai and one of them is that the people here are so friendly, as you rightfully said people in other cities are not very friendly while telling you the directions, but its only in Mumbai that you'll find people who will not only tell you the directions in detail but also come drop you to your destination.

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