6 Feb 2013


Subtle system. A catchphrase used by the most visible current godwoman campaign on the streets of Mumbai. 

Realistic categories for Indian Advertising Awards

How can you not love advertising done by people outside the regular ad agencies on the streets and online medium in India!

If the advertising and advertising efficiency awards that are distributed every year in our country should reflect the real advertising in the country, then these are the categories that reflect India and not the ones only the people in the mad ad world of advertising agencies know about.


Asura Seed Award for Best Political Legacy Campaign.
Rahul Gandhi, Uddhav, Kumaraswamy, Stalin, Akhilesh, Ajit, etc. The strategies used by the old political warhorses to prop up the fruits of seeds is the best ongoing campaign of our age. I each state and in each of our constituencies there’s a unique campaign for each successor. Which do you think is the best campaign?

Best promotion of a son or daughter or son-in-law or nephew of a film star

Art of Godliness Award for Best Godman or Godwoman Campaign award.
They recycle age old ideas and package it for a new age of Indians. But who has the best campaign?

Best filled Hundi award (Secular)
Temples of India or the trusts that run them are the most aggressive advertisers in India. Money can move the lord of Tirupati to Mumbai. In Kerala, you will find new shrines advertising their supernatural effects to poach pilgrims on their way to Sabarimala. There are cash rich faith healing resorts. Even money looted by Pakistani feudal are lured by some of our most famous dargahs.

Best Quacks
In a country where the Government cares very little about health of the people, quacks have a very steady business. However competition forces them to get aggressive. From curing AIDS and cancer to illegal abortion, kidney and eye camps.

Best store plastic bag More money is spent on making these bags. From Fab India to Shah Wines, who is the most effective?

Best Bhojpuri Film posterThey are more entertaining than anything designed by a traditional ad agencies, whoever makes them needs to be judged and awarded.

India TV award for most creative news report

Most effective riot instigator
General elections are round the corner and smart politicians protected by NSG are using age old tricks to increase their brand value. Which god fearing devil will win?

The Son Of The Soil Award for the Best Language/Regional Chauvinist Campaign

The Full Feeling Award for the Most Offended Organisation
This is a new category for those who have created a hurt sentiment campaign to get famous with full feelings

Best blood pressure raiser on Indian Television The country needs to know this.

Poonam Pandey Award for the most misleading tweet originating from India

The list is endless and is more interesting than the categories or ads created by our ad agencies.

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