28 Mar 2013

Chapsi Bhimji Road, Mazgaon

Children of Mumbai Series. 
Things our children drink: Donkey's milk.

Donkey's or ass's  milk is considered the closest to human breast milk and especially good for the stomach. Surprisingly, you can still get donkey's milk in Mumbai where cows and buffalo reign supreme. This was in a chawl in Mazgaon where the donkey had a rather busy day supplying a few drops to the children who predictably were running scared of all the sudden attention.

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Popeye tries to promote spinach as the child runs scares of the ass's milk.


Marijke said...

Photoos are fantastic as i always know u make perfect ones. But abt the milk Drinking it directly is not good.
Cook first ( MJ advise haha)

Slogan Murugan said...

As simple as that: Boil.

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