8 Mar 2013

M Ward

Mumba Devi and Associates
Places of worship in Mumbai

The original Mumba Devi shrine that gives the city its name is just one among the thousands of shrines that dot the city. Churches, hindu-jain-sikh temples, mosques, viharas, synagogues, holy graves, cremation places, tekdis and caves, the list is endless.

The most interesting shrines to me are the ones that are coming up in crowded places. They are the social networking places for the locality and are built using the money that usually comes from the people who live around it.

Often, the open space in front of it is a place to play for the children, the older people to retain the sanity and even the local politicians to get their flock together.

Their haphazard architecture is usually crude and ugly and a Made in India on it will make it perfect. They last longer than anything that's Made in China.

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