15 Apr 2013


Work Space Mumbai.

Packed and always moving. 

Under a flyover on the nameless road between Vashi and Sanpada stations, will find one group of the   thousands of Indians who are always packing and moving and trying to escape desperation.  It's one of the spots in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai where fresh immigrants without skills and with family get a start. They beg outside the station and the main traffic lights of Vashi and Sanpada and every one who lives in the city shrink away from them almost every day.

Raw, Semi-skilled and skilled and sending money home. 

Just a few hundred meters west of this road is where you find people with skills. They live in a place clearly marked as Labour Camp. It's made of tin shacks and they create the IT parks of Navi Mumbai.

If you don't make it to the labour camp and if you are escaping to the city of dreams with some skill, then you can stand with your basic tools in any of these roadside labour mandis and you will be sure to be picked up for daily wage work (that will be a new series coming soon).

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