12 Jun 2013


May floats in muddy June

May floats in muddy June
As hope slowly rises 
in a dry well
To meet the thirsty round mouths
of florescent plastic pots
Wash all traces of
the Indian summer
that waits behind dark clouds

for the season
where it will again suck
the life out of the earth

and colours fiery blossoms

There's only one season: The season called change.

This image was shot with a mobile phone and an app called VSCO Cam (you can read more about it here: http://vsco.co/vscocam). It is one of the many new apps in the market today. Some of the most interesting developments in photography software are in mobile apps and for Rs 55 and in this case for free, you can experiment with images that are shot and viewed on phones, hand held devices and desktops. It also means that all of us can shoot on the go and create wonderful imagery that was the realm of professionals who could afford superior cameras and expensive software to edit images. However, it helps to have a keen eye that can be developed over time. Also, you can tell stories visually in ways you never thought possible and in your own style.

If you think that you do not know how to tell stories, here's a tip to start - imagine that you have a photo that you want to show to one person. It could be your young child, your parents, or your best friend and if you were to show or tell your story, how and what would you say it in a simple way.

Experiment and have fun, it's always springtime in the world of photography and there are new things blooming everywhere.

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