10 Jun 2013

Opp Deonar Slaughterhouse

Yesterday's news. 

Yesterday's news
has a flavour.
An aftertaste
of overnight effect.

like water
in a clay jar
the dust resting
at the bottom.

In the age of nowness, there's never been more room for yesterday's news. Digested, chronicled and heralding a new day with news that is verified.

There's a joy in watching people read newspapers the old fashioned way on a katta. Look at this katta opposite the slaughterhouse in Deonar. Tamil, Marathi, Urdu, Hindi, on one plane. You can peek into the other's newspaper but you cannot understand the script. But you can see the images. Some of them are the same as the one in your newspapers. Most are from elsewhere, local matters that connect that person to home just like the ones in yours do not make sense to him.

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