12 Jul 2013

Telecom Factory, Deonar

Workspace Mumbai: The Last Days Of  A Telegraph Office

The last telegram will be sent and received this week in India. Here's the telegraph office that's next to the BSNL Telecom Factory in Deonar. BSNL in MTNL territory? Yes. And telegrams are sent over the BSNL network. The man in charge of the place was kind enough to let me shoot a few images of the office and the last days of the telegram. Thank you, Mr Jiv.

I was imagining a teenage Florentino Ariza from "Love in The Time of Cholera" in a telegraph office somewhere in Colombia from a time when telegraph was fresh magic and he meets Fermina Daza and falls in love with her. It air was as heavy and moist as the city in that book with the heavy rain today. Except that the window was empty and dog slept under the counter.

Messages were still being printed using the software BSNL uses to send telegrams as I as clicking away. And I sent a telegram too which I hope to publish here once I get its photograph. :)

The old telegraph machine that sent messages as faint electrical heart beats.

One of the last Telegrams being sent using a web based telegraph messaging system. 

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