6 Jan 2014

Deonar Farm Road

Playgrounds of Mumbai Series: 
Games our children play: Hopsctotch.

I met these little boys playing or trying to play hopscotch. They were trying to master and understand the physics behind how to throw a flat stone of a certain mass up to a certain distance. They kept failing. They asked an older boy who was passing by to help them. The boy who was above 10 years old had no clue what this game was. He looked at me and told that we only played with a bat and call, not these games that children now play. He went ahead and threw the stone and was asking the boys what those number in the boxes were.

Out there on the streets, children these days are increasingly enjoying games that cricket was believed to have killed. Football is one of the favourite games, but the smaller children (and poorer ones) are playing games that were played by us when we had no pocket money and we were forced to improvise traditional games that were always played by children before happy meals came to us.

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