3 Jan 2014


Forget Malegaon Ka Superman.
Presenting Govandi CID.

Try hard. We will not be able to stop ourselves from telling stories. We invent all kinds of gadgets, apps, jugaads, each one of them to deliver our stories or a message in an interesting way.

But what is the biggest or the most sought after story telling method? If you go by what people love and consume most, it is movies. And if you have a camera and place to play what you have made, why wouldn't you.

The movie crazy people in Malegaon and the Hindi-bashi Bhojpurians of Mumbai have been making their own movies for some time now. Superman of Malegaon became a superhit in the minds of the starry eyed. The films play all the time on several mobile phones and on cable channels all night and even during the day.

The boys of Shivajinagar-Govandi are no different. They were suckled by the same stars seen on the big and small screen and made right here in Mumbai. And they also have a story to tell. 

They may not be good with original ideas because they are yet to discover the wonderful method through which original stories  are generated. So they copy the current Bollywood method of playing it safe by retelling successful stories told by others. But it's not just their own Dabang that they have added, they have a social message too, against drugs.

Govandi CID - Inspired by the CID on Sony TV starring Shivaji Satam.

Follow their You Tube channel. 

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