24 Jan 2014

Roadpali, Kalamboli

Mumbai Suburbs.

It is surprising to see what you already know with naked eyes.  The expansion of the city of Mumbai beyond Navi Mumbai, beyond Virar, beyond Kalyan, beyond Khopoli and all those stations on the torn maps in the train dabba. And Pune, growing even more faster, beyond all the villages and little towns that they have eaten up to become one large megapolis. The air smells like the cement, the sunlight is bright without tall trees to soak up the harshness. Everything is under construction. Dreams are still being built and the gloom in the newspapers is nowhere to seen. The place is still inhabited by the people who help to build out cities. The hardworking mestry, plumber, painter, electrician entrepreneurs working round the clock. If they delay their work they face a penalty which charged per day. The builders who do not deliver the flat may get away more easily because they can pass on the cost of delays to you.

However, things are fast here. As fast as the changes you see here when you pass by each time. A new tower, a new taxi stand, a new Kirana store, and this interesting local politician's photograph.


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