4 Mar 2014

Across Mumbai


Newspaper Reading In Mumbai.

Mumbai Laksdeep. Marathi. 

The weekend Goan. It's a newspaper that calls the city Bombay in most of its stories. 


And if you are from Kutch, you should look for this newspaper to feel your roots.

The Parsi Times is Bilingual. English and Gujarati.

This is from the first issue of Tarun Bharat of Belgaum. It's in Marathi and a map inside explains their roots. 

Besh! Mumbaikar. Any place, any crowd. 


pooja mahimkar said...

that was a lovely post... so many papers that I didnt even know exists and the two pictures that show people reading them are something that potrays the mood of every morning so perfectly.

Slogan Murugan said...

Thank you Pooja. That's exactly what I am trying to capture...

raul chitna said...

A day without newspaper would be difficult for India so E newspaper would help

Urdu Daily Newspaper

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