25 Apr 2014

Chembur + Wadala + Byculla

Sandesh - Gujarati. on a high bench and swinging feet.
Newspaper Reading in Mumbai.
We don't just read a newspaper. What you read, where you read, how you read and what you do after reading the newspaper is fun to observe.

Saamna - Marathi. A political workers cools himself

Assignments Abroad - English. For someone who is planning to vote with his feet.

The reading room of the Jamaat-e-islami hind in Shivajinagar.

Saamna and Pudari - Marathi with a right wing poster in the background. Chembur.

Pudari - Marathi. For those who wait like this Auto Driver

Daily Commute. Bury your nose in a newspaper, not in someone's armpit.

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Marijke said...

And in Belgium a lot read while eating the breakfast Not good manners but hehe

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