21 Apr 2014

Sion + Vashi

 Surrogate Election Campaign.

Namo Saune Gamo is a Gujarati film that has a poster with the image of a Modi lookalike who is projected as the PM if the BJP or Bharatiya Modi Party that it now resembles which is not unlike the Congress (Indira)  of the past.  The movie released on 18th April, just in time for elections here in Mumbai. This is among many other films that have been released to grab attention in the guise of film posters and to advertise through cinema. For example, there are posters of a film on Yeshwantrao Chavan that was released recently. 

The opinion polls suggest that Namo is all set to become the PM and he is doing it on the plank of development and his work as the CM of Gujarat. His supporters are very vocal in their support and often dominate the amplified chaos in social media and the television channels. His election campaign hoardings and ads dominate the skyline and newspaper. He also dominates the discussion everywhere and the need for change is probably best captured by his mainstream campaign here in Mumbai. 

However, Modi has no option but to talk of development because once you start looking at the alternate messages from the party, it is frightening for many. Especially the minorities of all types.  Let us wait and see how the silence of those who are not part of the Modi wave speak in the elections. 


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