1 Dec 2014


Plastic People And Our Universe: Plastic Bag Reading

I am not sure if reading messages of plastic shopping bags people carry qualifies as a hobby but it is a very fascinating one. If you happen to be one of them who reads plastic bags too, then you will understand if I say that I am a Mokembo when it comes to plastic shopping bag reading.

It's even more fascinating to match the bag and the person carrying it in a local train. For example. a Chandana Bros bag from Secundrabad carried by a Malayali uncle in a  Dombivli local. The joy of tracking the journey of the Marlboro cover inspired plastic bag from the 90s to Mokembo we see all over the country in the 2000s. 

I found this plastic bag with a Porbandar shop message in my son's school bag. I wonder how it got there.

The bags from duty free shops in airports are the premium bags in the segment. This Porbandar type bag is downmarket. The Tamilians prefer cloth bags. North Karnataka / Marathwada designs are colourful. Shop bags with a Dadar address are carried proudlu. We can't afford flats in or around Shivaji Park but we shop in Dadar you know. 

And most people who carry Shah Wines bags don't seem to be the type who shopped there.

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